Red Lion
 Senior Center




20C Gotham Place
Red Lion, PA  17356

Executive Director: Heather Goebeler

   Phone: (717) 244-7229

Map & Directions

Welcome to the Red Lion Senior Center

A senior center is a multi-service facility for 60 or older adults.  The Center can fulfill many social, emotional, and intellectual needs.  Center activities are designed to overcome loneliness, enhance self-esteem, encourage personal growth, and to facilitate independence through involvement.

Membership Information

Membership requirements:
Any York County resident age sixty (60) years or older or their spouse regardless of age who is:

1.  Continent of bowel and bladder and/or able to maintain an acceptable level of hygiene.
2.  Able to evacuate the building independently.
3.  In sufficient control of behavior to avoid disruption of activities of others.
4.  Does not require individual supervision

All seniors will need to complete a one page membership application and to produce photo identification.

Download our Membership Form in PDF

Download our Nutritional Survey in PDF


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